About Us:

An-Nour is an English-Arabic newspaper published monthly in Atlanta, Georgia, and distributed in the entire south east region of U.S. (North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and Georgia).  

We started the publication at the toughest time in September 2001. We reach out to the Arab-Americans and to the general public. An-Nour reflects our true image of our rich Arabic culture. It covers social, political, economical, and entertainment news of our communities in the U.S.A., and at our home land.

An-Nour is a rare phenomenon. It is the only voice that expresses our concerns and it is the only channel for our communities to interact with each other and to reach out to the general public.

Our success is attributed to the constant increase of private subscribers and to the commercial advertisements. Like any other publication, the lifeline is in support of distinguished individuals, organizations, and agencies to survive the economical hardship and keep us in the horizon.


Publisher AN-NOUR LLC
General Manager  HABIB OSTA
Editor in Chief GHADA OSTA
Chief Legal Counselor       HASSAN ELKHALIL
Public Relations MOUNIR KHALIL

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